90% ready, Events drop analysis left
Posted 03 / 12 / 2016

All going great so far, no blocker issues, and only a matter or time to get everything top notch for a long journey!


However, we've discussed and decided it's best if we open tomorrow afternoon, since everyone, except for the US players, are soon probably heading to take some rest.

So to make sure everyone gets a chance to start without being sleep deprived the next day, we'll start tomorrow at 15:00 (GMT+0)

Long story short:

4th of December, 2016

07:00 for LA (US), 10:00 NY (US)

15:00 for London

17:00 for Eastern Europe

21:00 for Philippines


See you tomorrow, and have a good night!

Almost there guys, just a little more touch up required!
Posted 03 / 12 / 2016

Thank you all for your interest and patience,


And since the best way is to be honest with the people who support and join us, here's what we're currently doing and why it may take a few more hours until we open the game for the official run.

Right now we're doing the final super ultra check-up on everything, along with my friend Daniel (asked him for a character name the people know him by, and he just said Character) I mean, really?!

ETA ~ 4 hours, or before midnight (UTC)


We don't flaunt around with big titles saying "Grand Opening", so if anything goes wrong, we don't want to bother you with rollbacks and all that hassle.

If anyone wants to chat directly, add me on Skype: ragnaros_pandoramu


Thank you,


24.11.2016 - Account Registrations have opened!
Posted 24 / 11 / 2016

Dear players,


Today we have publicly opened the registration page, each account will have to use a valid email for activation.

Later this evening the Open Beta client will be uploaded as well and we'll be able to test everythign together, with the next week being our critical ground for testing and adjusting, to make sure everything goes smoothly once we officially start.


Thank you for your patience!


All the best,

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