Changelog 24th December 2016
Posted 25 / 12 / 2016

Happy Holidays! Best wishes to you and your beloved ones.

Here's our little changelog for today:

- Evil Santa Invasion and Santa Village Event are now live!
- Donations are now open, Point Packs and Premium Subscriptions available
* Store and X Shop are currently setting up and will be available soon
- Fixed a website bug which caused new account registrations to fail
- Simplified the EXP system, still dynamic but lesser EXP decrease as you advance - To compensate the above change number of monsters / spot has been reduced from 6 to 5
- We've changed our mind regarding the 34 resets limit, it will be straight 30 and that's that

Changelog 21th December 2016
Posted 24 / 12 / 2016

EDIT: 22th of December 2016

- Dynamic EXP system has been changed for a smoother difficulty mode as you advance, it will now decrease in a linear progression at every reset
- Disabled +28 option, originally it's +16 only
- Fixed Lorencia and Dungeon Zen drops
- Greatly increased Golden monsters HP, Damage and Defense

Changelog 13th December 2016
Posted 13 / 12 / 2016

- Opened Castle Siege Registration
- Nerfed Grow Lancer Stat Specialization, Buffs and Elemental Damage
- Nerfed Overall items drop rate
- Decreased Box of Heaven drop rate
- Further increased / adjusted Zen drops
- Further decreased BC and DS ingredients drop rates
- Raised MU Helper costs
- Disabled Pentagram drops
- Various client text corrections
- Added protection System against non-genuine origin Auto-Attack packets
- Added integrated system preventing a spoof of Hardware ID in packet
- Fixed Event Notification Icons
- Fixed decreasing Mana/Life amount received after monster kill when using multiple items with this option
- Fixed improperly managed required items for Icarus Move
- Fixed loot item ownership after drop for Monster Group Regen System (top hit user is the owner now)
- Fixed Imperial Guardian entry count issue
- Fixed Paralyze and Immobility effect of selected skills apply in cerian scenario
- Fixed selection of master skills requiring bow in hand to apply the skill effect
- Fixed improperly managed excellent options count for drop of Wings
- Blocked Period items from use in any sort of Chaos Machine mixes
- Fixed specified situations when Duration may disappear from the Period Item
- Fixed character EXP being set 0 when die while using Talisman of Protection
- Fixed duplicated character view after reconnect

Changelog - 8th December 2016
Posted 08 / 12 / 2016

- Fixed Hanzo the Blacksmith
- Fixed Gens requirement party issues
- Now you can connect 2 accounts from one PC
- Fixed Dungeon teleport bug 242, 87
- Decreased MU Helper tax and level requirement to 30
- Decreased /post spam timeout to 3 seconds (down from 5)
- Decreased BC / DS ingredients drop rate
- Improved Zen drops
- Fixed BC / DS / CC
- Fixed Moon and Lunar Rabbits drops
- Fixed Elf Lala and tweaked all shops
- Fixed Box of Kundun, Medals, Box of Heaven drops
- Fixed Potions resetting stack (now defaults to 55)
- Potions delay is now set to 250 ms (up from 100), for more fairplay regardless of connection or peering
- Disabled /pkclear command and website function, classic way is better
- Disabled chance of dropping items when killed by monsters

P.S. Be wary of the PK penalties (EXP, items falling etc.)

Client uploaded, server on, let the game begin!
Posted 04 / 12 / 2016

The "silent" no sound client has been uploaded. Go planet!


Please report any bug, exploit, improper setting of monsters, drops etc. or simply anything that you consider is not fit for our hard, long term gameplay style. and Skype: ragnaros_pandoramu


Welcome to GothicMU! :)

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