GothicMU - Up to Date
Posted 21 / 04 / 2017

We're now in line with updates base, here is a general overview over of the changes:

- X Shop (not final, 70% complete, the most important items are available)
- Disabled friendly-fire to Pets at CS
- Revamped PvP and PvM damage and defense for all classes, from here on we will continue to work on balancing, but at least now we have a solid base (and no, it's not the one from the end of the Siege)
- Increased BK HP buff by 30%
- Increased Mana Shield by 11%
- Increased Elf buff effects by 233%
- Increased Berserker effect buff by 7%
- Decreased Weakness effect by 12%
- Decreased Innovation by 2%
- On-screen Message when a Boss or Golden Monster is killed
- Increased Jewel of Life apply rate
- Increased 2.5 and 3rd Wings Mix rate by 10%
- Fixed Ice Storm range
- Fixed item drop ownership for specific monsters
- Fixed no options Wings mix issue
- Fixed server crash related to Castle Siege
- Fixed skill effects in friendly fire and non-PvP areas
- Fixed Pamela and Angela potion vendors in Deep Loren
- Fixed Castle Switches positions
- Increased HP of Gates, Statues and Towers at Castle Siege 
- Increased Mana Shield by 1%
- Increased Swell Life by 1%
- Increased BK damage by 1%
- Increased SM damage and defense by 10%
- Increased Elf damage and defense by 10%
- Increased RF damage by 2% (Dark Side by 5%)
- Increased GL damage by 3% (Shining Peak by 74%)
- Increased "2nd target" damage for Chain Lightning by 5%
- Increased Zen cost for Warping using the Event Notification
- Increased Dark Elf and Balgass HP
- Improved all stats of top tier monsters, to scale better with the player stats, some bosses will require teamwork, buffs and debuffs!
- Reduced overall PvP damage for all classes
- Disabled Reconnect System until further update
- Disabled Socket item drops from regular monsters (such as in Raklion)
- Fixed joining events with 2 accounts
- Fixed downloading updates everytime the game starts
- Host/OS Maintenance and Updates
- Improved Network Response
- Increased drop rate of 2.5 Wings ingredients
- Fixed Blood Castle 5 EXP and Drops
- Reduced Dark Elf (Trainee) respawn time to 10 minutes, down from 3 hours
- Fixed Core Magriffy attack range
- Fixed Golden Invasions time
- Fixed Death King invasion
- Fixed Kundun and Selupan drop catalog
- Fixed Pentagrams and Mithril Drops
- Decreased Monster's damage in Swamp and Acheron
- Fixed 2.5 Wings ingredients drops
- Fixed Golden Goblin spawn and enabled Summoning Books
- Fixed more "stuck on map" issues, hopefully all of them
- Fixed 2nd joining account on Event maps and Crywolf
- Corrected Damage for Skills with ML improvements
- Increased effect of Life Swell and Elf buffs
- Increased damage for Elf, Summoner and Dark Wizard
- Increased PK clearing difficulty, was waaay too easy

GothicMU - Pending Updates
Posted 18 / 04 / 2017

Dear players,


I'm well aware of the situation and prolonged downtime of GothicMU, getting into details why and how won't matter much.

So, what happens next, we have a lot of updates to catch up with, apply and test them. A lot of changes will be made for both the server plus some client updates (including X shop).

The server will be back online on 19th ~ 20th of this month (48 hours as of this moment)


Thank you for your patience and understanding,


[NEW] Changelog 23 February
Posted 23 / 02 / 2017

// 16:09 UTC

- Host OS updates and maintenance
- Filled Kanturu 1, 2, 3, 4 with Spots
- Enabled Crywolf/Balgass Event with proper stats and drops (2 times / day at 00:00 and 12:00)
- Enabled Nightmare Event with proper stats and drops
- Enabled MU Rummy mini-game and Card Piece drops
- Began ALL classes balancing (NOTE: in alpha stage / 1st attempt / adjustments may be required)
- Removed Luke the Helper until further tests and proper setup of Last Man Standing event
- Fixed level restrictions for gates and DL summon
- Fixed random disconnects and character stuck in map
- Disabled DL Summon for several event maps and Icarus
- Fixed Agility bugs
- Fixed Shining Peak double hits
- Fixed 0 options Wings chaos mix
- Fixed Castle Siege time accumulation issues

Updates and Maintenance - 14 Jan, 2017
Posted 14 / 01 / 2017

- Properly adjusted all characters buffs (tweaks and constant tests will still be required for a good result)
- Fixed and reorganized BoK+3, +4 and +5, BoK+2 and +3 were overlapped so BoK+5 was using BoK+4 list
- Fixed skills on dropped items
- Fixed character naming regex and manually renamed the ones containing symbols (deleted the level 1 ones)
- Fixed Grow Lancer type rankings and 'Unknown' location
- Fixed Password Recovery email server error
- Fixed switches position at Castle Siege
- Fixed Gold Fenrir options
- Fixed DSR Increase Mastery skill
- Fixed Prohibited Symbol Restricted Characters Mode not working properly
- Fixed JoL option on selected wing type
- Fixed visual bug with pets and Muuns after being summoned by Dark Lord
- Fixed Swell Life Mastery skill effect
- Fixed Swell Life Mastery not working with MU Helper
- Fixed d/c issue while wearing Ring of Glory
- Fixed Muun duration info does not being display properly after going through Muun Inventory
- Fixed 2 potential server crashes
- Fixed looting time for items dropped on ground while not meeting pick-up requirements
- Fixed Chaos Castle Mastery Reward issues
- Fixed a bug on Excellent Option: Zen Drop Increase after Monster Kill
- Fixed Chaos Machine Socket Item Mix rate issue due to value mismatch
- Fixed stacking for Sign of Lord and common potions
- Disabled MU Helper at Castle Siege
- Disabled Jewel of Harmony use on Ancient items
- Disabled Winter Holiday Events and drops
- Disabled Candy boxes drop
- Enabled the website Store
- Enabled Vote Rewards functionality as well as the Recruit a Friend feature
- Enabled Reconnect System
- Improved server's internal Authorization of the Reconnect System
- Added Grow Lancer items and the missing Rage Fighter items to Box of Kundun (varies by box level)
- Added country flags to player rankings
- Removed ticket creation items of BC and DS from Caren the Barmaid (Devias NPC)
- Dark Elf (Trainee)'s respawn time is now set to 5 minutes instead of 3 hours
- Increased Party EXP bonus
- Reorganized the entire Warp Menu, including the level requirement and Zen cost
- The map entrance gates level requirement will be aprox. 40% lower compared to the Warp Menu
- Decreased Spirit Map Fragments drop and removed Acheron from warp menu
- Decreased drop rate of Sign of Lord
- Loch's Feather and Crest of Monarch will now by dropping only in Icarus
- Changed [Post] chat color to something more likely, required level 50 -> 100 and tax to 300k per message
- Changed min. level required for MU Helper from 30 to 1, however base Zen cost also changed from 1k to 10k
- Changed Golden Dragon amount of Boxes from 5 to 1 and for Great Golden Dragon from 5 to 3
- From now on excellent items that drop and can have +Skill, will have +Skill
- Elf Buffer NPC will now buff you up to level 400 (up from 220)
- Event Inventory has been adjusted to reset on 1 Jan, 2018
- Slightly increased overall Item Drop rate as well as Zen drops and rewarded Zen from quests
- General website facelift and design tweaks

Just a reminder
Posted 29 / 12 / 2016

X shop and the Web Shop are currently being worked and tweaked.


Those who perform a GR, their credits may be later transferred / increased / decreased. So either ways, you can do a GR without worries.


Premium Membership is also active and increases EXP, however we preferred to keep it on the same server and not have a separate one for it.




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